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1/2 handicap is a popular form of Asian handicap and is applied by many bookmakers today. With its nature, this is also a type of bet that many bettors seek. So what is the 1/2 handicap? How to play this type of bet effectively and surely win? Let's explore with Bongda.so in the article below!


What is 1/2 handicap?

As mentioned, 1/2 handicap, also known as half-left handicap or 0.5 handicap, is one of the most popular Asian handicaps in soccer betting. With attractive bonus rates and betting rules that are not too difficult to understand, 1/2 odds quickly become an indispensable spiritual dish for many betting lovers.


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Accordingly, the 1/2 handicap is often offered by bookmakers to show the specific difference between the two teams. Similar to other types of handicaps, in the 1/2 handicap, the higher rated team (upper team) will handicap the weaker team (underdog) by 0.5 goals before the match.


What is a 1/2 handicap?

What is a 1/2 handicap?

How to calculate the 1/2 handicap result

With a 1/2 handicap, there will be ways to calculate the bet result as follows


Top team wins: Wins with a difference of 1 goal or more.

Draw: Two teams draw or the favorite team only wins by 0.5 goals.

Underdog wins: Underdog wins or draws.

Below is a specific example for a 1/2 handicap for your easy reference:


Tottenham vs Arsenal match:

Handicap 1/2: Tottenham handicaps Arsenal by 0.5 goals.

The odds are: 0.89 – 0.82 respectively

Result: Tottenham lost with a score of 2 – 3

Determining winners and losers:

Players who bet on Tottenham lose their entire bet

The player who bets on Arsenal wins the bet with the amount received equal to the bet amount x 0.82

For example, 1/2 handicap

For example, 1/2 handicap

Experience in playing 1/2 handicap effectively

For players who do not have much experience, the 1/2 handicap is definitely not an easy bet. And to help newbies have an easier time playing this type of handicap, below are some experiences from experts when playing 1/2 handicap:


Analyze the performance of the two teams: Consider recent achievements, style of play, lineup, home/away field,… to evaluate each team's ability to win.

Refer to the odds from many bookmakers: Compare the odds of reputable bookmakers to find the most beneficial odds for yourself.

Do not bet based on emotions: Although it is a game of chance, it cannot be denied that soccer betting in general and 1/2 odds in particular still require certain knowledge and skills. 

Therefore, you should play scientifically, with research, avoid the phenomenon of playing emotionally and betting according to the majority.

Some notes when playing 1/2 handicap

Here are some notes for newbies about 1/2 handicap:


1/2 handicap is not always easy to play: Be careful with matches with low 1/2 handicap, because this can be a "trap" from the house.

Avoid betting on teams that are in poor form: The winning ability of these teams is often low, leading to a high risk of losing the bet.

Betting is for reference only: All instructions, reviews, and betting in general are for reference only. Therefore, you should not put too much faith in these instructions but instead try to make your own subjective judgment!


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It can be said that the 1/2 handicap is an extremely attractive form of bet with simple gameplay and "extremely delicious" bonuses. Hopefully through the above article, you will have the most general perspective on how to play 1/2 handicap to be more confident when playing this type of handicap!



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