Our Story

About us, PTM Group was founded in 2010 by two medical specialists in radiology:
Dr. Cecilia Romero and Dr. Ulises Bacilio. From the beginning the company has been committed to computer technology and administration, applied to the healthcare field.


PTM Group is proud to be a Mexican company that offers Telemedicine services of the highest quality, allowing people in remote places to access the diagnosis of their condition in a timely and accurate manner.

Software as a Service

• You only pay for the storage that you are really using.
• There is no need to install storage devices, which reduces costs.
• Permanent access to your information (24x7x365).


About us, PTM Group offers a wide range of solutions that is adaptable to any requirement: we offer cloud storage, partial or complete interpretation of imaging studies, and consulting to optimize imaging departments.

More Services

After reducing and overcoming so many challenges and distances, PTM Group has expanded its catalog of services to offer medical marketing, HIS, electronic medical record, and others.


The growth and the results that PTM Group has had throughout its existence, guarantee the precision and reliability of the technological developments it offers, as well as their quality and opportunity.

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